The name ‘Eadan’ was a funny you to definitely

The name ‘Eadan’ was a funny you to definitely

It’s got of numerous variations, and you will probably pick both girls and boys give which because a great name (constantly ‘Aidan’ or ‘Eamon’ having men and you will either ‘Eadan’ otherwise ‘Etain’ for females).

If we make ‘Aidan’ adaptation, this identity broadly form ‘Absolutely nothing Fire’, once the title ‘Etain’ function ‘Jealously’… I think I would lean to the previous!

cuatro. Blaithin

In the event possible here ‘Blaithin’ will adequate in Ireland, this will be among the dated Gaelic lady names you hardly right here overseas.

This is the definition behind the name ‘Blaithin’ making it very popular between this new parents – ‘Nothing Flower’ – how breathtaking is the fact?!

  • Pronunciation: Blaw-heen
  • Meaning: Nothing flower

2. Sorcha

The name Sorcha is thought getting stemmed of an old Irish term, ‘Sorchae’, and therefore ‘Brightness’. A pleasant label to possess good bambino!

Very, with respect to the person, how this name is pronounced are different – I’ve a pal named ‘Sor-ka’. (more…)

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